Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 1, blog 37

So it's now been a week of daily gratitude.  Some days have been easier to find things to be grateful for than others, but even on the challenging days where I'm forced to find things to appreciate, I've enjoyed the exercise.
Today on my run, I encountered the pole waving gentleman again.  He smiled and waved at me, which was nice.  I prefer to encounter him on foot, rather than on bike. 
So I suppose my first item is,
1) that the ski pole did not enter my personal space today.
2) that I had a delicious brunch/lunch with a friend today, who brought me daffodils from her garden.
3) that I noticed these trees starting to bloom, as I looked up and out of my sunroof this afternoon.
4) that this week we have been invited to dinner with friends *twice*.  I am thankful to be building and maintaining meaningful friendships
5) that today, I didn't have a flare up of my nerve condition.  That's something I should appreciate (and acknowledge) every day that I don't have a flare up. 

I have really enjoyed reading other people's lists.  I too, am thankful for cheese, and my brain, and for the father I was dealt, and for other human beings who love me.  


  1. -Blue skies with some clouds in them.
    -Not necessarily in that order.

  2. I guess I need to be grateful that we're not being graded on this. I started out like gangbusters but got a flaky as a buttermilk biscuit.

    I enjoyed the exercise, remembering small wonderful things we enjoy every day and maybe take too much for granted. I was surprised where my thoughts and feelings went when I focused on gratitude for certain things and certain people. I got so choked up (several days there at the end) about my stepfather. I realized I never really mourned him. I realized what a big and wonderful presence he was in my own and many other lives. Not something I expected from an exercise.

    Thanks for leading us on this!

  3. a little late this time.
    1. the gift of speech, even when it gets me into trouble
    2. hot chocolate, in all seasons
    3.facial tissue, without which i would be a mucus-slathered mess.
    4. ranunculi
    5. my mom, with whom i can talk about the eating habits of komodo dragons

  4. @OKATB - I like all those things too! And thanks for being grateful for me. I'm grateful for you too.

    @LM - You're welcome. Truly.

    @rraine - hooray for facial tissue! And dragons.

  5. OK, I wasn't (I don't believe) frivolous even once during the exercise, but . . . sorry. I got dressed for a meeting this morning. I was reminded that I am grateful for Ralph Lauren Saturday jeans and Coach loafers, NOT because I am adorable in them, but because they are comfortable and serviceable and I feel confident when I wear them. They made me confident enough to pursue something risky I'd been avoiding.

  6. I'm grateful I'm still in one piece.