Thursday, March 24, 2011

XXXIII - Thanks

This morning, I was thankful to enjoy my coffee on the couch, cat in lap, watching the news again.
I was thankful to notice the buds on the trees, just starting to come out.
I am thankful that my neighbor and friend who is in San Francisco today will be bringing me a cookie from Ghirardelli Square tomorrow.

I'm thankful for my small rice cooker/steamer from Cuisinart that allowed me to steam salmon and cook rice with edamame at the same time for dinner.
And thank you, oxygenating facial spa from Bliss, for a lovely citrus-scented treat tonight.


  1. I'm grateful for the desert, which I may one day walk out into, and not walk back.

  2. @OKATB - I hope that day is a LONG time from now. But I am grateful that you have that desert for you to enjoy.

  3. gratitude is hard to come by today. so, here's my best shot:
    1. i'm thankful for uncrystallized ginger, which i eat for my digestion.
    2. i'm grateful for the blooming desert, some of which i hope to see this weekend.
    3. i'm thankful for sleep, which i got a bunch of last night.
    4. i'm thankful for goats, without which there would be no feta.
    5. i'm thankful for my siblings. we can,and do, annoy the hell out of each other, and when needed, we're there for each other.

  4. Geez, CC, I'm become that candy ass we discussed. But I can take the shame.

    1. I am thankful for people who donate blood, because I frequently seem to be a quart low.

    2. I am thankful for other human beings to play with. I have rarely met even one who does not intrigue me.

    3. I am thankful for my BFF who gives the best girlfriending I have ever known. I want to be just the way she is. I want to be that good.

    4. I am thankful for the father I was dealt. I was just writing about him to someone and realized again - "I got a really good one."

    5. I am thankful for pansies. My Granny thought the blooms looked like little faces, so I've grown up with that in mind.