Friday, March 25, 2011

34th and Thankful

Today's list came easily, so it's posted early.  I have some things that may happen tonight that may make tomorrow's list, but I wanted to get this up for the day.  Today I have gratitude:

1) That I could make it out for a run this morning.  I hadn't gone all week.
2) That despite cutting back on my seizure meds the past few days, I haven't felt noticeably worse.  About the same.  Trying to stay positive.
3) That I received a *really* neat new pen in the mail.  :-)

4) That it's finally the weekend!!!
5) That I have nothing to do all day tomorrow, except enjoy it.  And clean the house.


  1. 1. salmon-may they continue to reproduce so i can eat them.
    2. laughter, the more the merrier
    3. thrift stores that have clothes in small sizes.
    4. soft, warm kisses
    5. sleeping in til 7:30

  2. Very cool pen. Cooler blog - I love your outlook! Followed.

  3. @OKATB - Thanks!

    @rraine - I am also grateful for salmon. They're delicious.

    @Ricky - Thank you! It's nice to have another follower. :-)