Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 6 of gratitude

After today, I have committed myself to only one more daily blog of thankfulness.  I will do it occasionally after tomorrow.  I hope I get in the practice of at least thinking the list to myself at the end of each day, if not writing them down with my awesome alien pen in my gratitude journal.
I've taken half my usual dose now for the last four nights.  Until this afternoon, I hadn't noticed too big a difference in my numbness.  It got more noticeable this afternoon.  I felt all frumpy and mad about it, but briefly.  I took a quarter dose (I've done this before) to calm things back down, and I feel better (although I'm having a hard time typing). 
So today's list:

1) That cookie last night was, to quote my friend and the giver of said cookie, "a spiritual experience".  So thank you, Ghirardelli, for making such damn good cookies.

2) Free birthday lunch coupon with a really long expiration date.  Thank you, Spicy Pickle, for the free birthday lunch nearly two months later.
3) P-traps under the sink.  I got it in my head to finally change out the little captive bead ring in my belly back to the barbell.  We like the barbell better.  But, standing only sort of near the sink, somehow the ball flew up and out, landing in the sink, dodging my grabs not twice but three times before finally clinking down the drain.  So thanks, P-trap, for catching the ball and letting me put the barbell back in.  Looks good (and a little red and irritated).
4) And because I'm posting early and running short on gratitude today, I'm stealing some from other bloggers' comments.  Thank you, brain, for still being relatively sharp and making my life easier in general, than it would be (I'm assuming) if I were not bright.
5) And finally, I'm thankful that I can get what I need at the grocery.  If I can't find it at one store, surely another will have it somewhere.  It's nice to have so many options offered to me.


  1. whoa, i almost missed this!
    1. so i'm grateful that i caught it.
    2. for the chirping of birds
    3. for all things computer, even when i want to defenestrate them.
    4. for cheese, in all its myriad forms.
    5. and for all the people i love, and that love me.

  2. -cheese!
    ...not necessarily in that order!