Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today I am thankful for...

Today's List of Things I am Grateful for:
1) A rare chance to sleep in this morning.  Nowhere to be until 9:30.
2) Basket's cat nap on my lap while I drank coffee and watched the morning news.
3) Cupcakes.  Specifically, Gigi's new Spring flavor, Coconut Cream Pie.
4) That I remembered the dream I had before my alarm went off.  Like, all of it.  In detail.  There was a coconut cream pie cupcake in my dream.  Somehow, while gesturing with it in my hand to a large group of beautiful bridesmaids standing in the snow, I got frosting in my eye.  I was wearing a strapless white dress and delicate heels, being careful not to slip in the ice.
5) That daffodils are $2 for a bunch at Safeway.


  1. Oh, I've been WAITING for you! OK, today I am grateful:

    1. For the deep friendship of women, women of all ages in all kinds of situations. I appreciate women today.

    2. That my brother is clean and warm tonight.

    3. That I am appreciated and applauded for my work.

    4. That I am brave enough, in fact driven, to talk about my recent illness and addiction.

    5. That if I was predestined to look almost identical to one parent, that it was my father. No, this has nothing to do with vanity or "good looks". I'm not that way. It's more that when I look into a mirror, I see and think of my father.

    More tomorrow. I'm on a roll!

  2. @OKATB - Yes, she seems to have no problem letting on that she's relaxed.

    @LM - I knew you'd be waiting! I had to wait to eat my cupcake first, before knowing if I was truly grateful for it. I was. It was just like the one in my dream, except nothing ended up in my eye. And I didn't look as lovely in my jammies tonight eating it as I did in that dress in my dream.
    I like your lists. I really do.

  3. Ha! I was just following a Gigi's van today. I averted my gaze and continued to Fresh & Easy's produce department.

  4. today i am thankful:
    1. that this day is drawing to a close.
    2. that i have people in my life that think i'm talented, and encourage me to ACT on it!
    3. for green grapes that go POP in my mouth.
    4. that i got to see those green jammies with the skull and crossbones on them.
    5. that i can read.

  5. @LM - There's a Gigi's in Las Vegas? Glorious.

    @rraine - I like your lists too. And I'm glad you enjoyed my jammie pants.