Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The third thankful list (# 32)

Today I am thankful for:
1) my coffee still being hot nearly 2 hours after pouring it into my thermos.  I had to get a fasting blood draw this morning, which meant no coffee with sugary creamer until afterwards.  I enjoyed every still warm sip.
2) that my cat spent some of the night curled up next to me in bed.  This is a first in many many months.

3) the discount provided to me yet again today at the car dealer, by the same man who extended me the loaner car without a valid drivers license.  Thank you, really nice service man for now saving me literally hundreds of dollars.
4) that the wind died down enough for me to enjoy a walk after work with Husband.
5) my boss.  He gets shit done.  And in the nicest way possible.  To make a longish story shorter - I'm working on updating the Pulmonary Hypertension website at the University Hospital.  There are apparently two PH websites - one through respiratory conditions and one through heart/circulation conditions.  I caught this today, made the webmaster aware, and he hesitated to make any changes without "Director level MD instruction".  I innocently email back, "How about an email authorization rom Dr. B"?  Moments later, an actual representative from UCH marketing shows up at my cube asking what he can do for me.  Bam.


  1. today's list:
    1. one of my bosses (i have 3, in various places) got me 28 yoga blocks and 14 straps for my students. a year in the making, and now it's happening!
    2. olives, preferably in vodka, or not
    3. breathing deeply
    4. a significant other with whom to share stuff, even when that stuff is dumb
    5. an odd way of looking at things, including life

  2. Good evening! I am wondering if, when this lovely exercise ends, I will cease to be grateful for things. Maybe not. Maybe I'll have developed the habit of asking myself the question every day. Or maybe I have a slight natural bent toward gratitude. OK, third outing:

    1) I am grateful for a man named Thompson who was in my life from 1966 to 2001 and since typing his name just caused me to burst into shoulder heaving sobs, I believe I'll write a post about him rather than simply relegating him to commentary.

    2) I am grateful for the brain that was assigned to me. Though no larger or prettier than anyone else's brain, it gets me by quite nicely.

    3) I am grateful that, because of my life's twisty journey, I have stopped being so afraid of everything there is. Nothing is as frightening as I might have made it. Some things aren't frightening at all if we bravely take risk.

    4) I am grateful for music. "You didn't have to love me like you did, but you did, but you did, and I THANK YOU . . ."

    5) I am grateful I don't have to lie, hide things or drink.

    Thank you for causing me to be reflective again today.

  3. @rraine – your comment about having someone to share dumb stuff with made me laugh out loud. That IS fantastic. I love “inside” jokes, companionship, and general chumminess.
    @LM – I think I’ll keep up with the lists after this week, but maybe just at the end of every blog instead of everyday. I’ll make an honest effort to write them down in my gratitude book every day.
    I can relate to item #3. Things don’t seem as scary to me since I’ve gotten sick, or whatever this is that happened to me. Puts things into perspective, I suppose. But what is scary to me, as big as I talk about not wanting to take my seizure meds anymore, is actually cutting back on the dose. I guess I’m scared that if I do that and I start to feel worse, I don’t know what that means. Since I have said I want to cut back, I have started to. The last two nights I’ve taken half my usual dose. And I’m trying to be excited that maybe now I’ll get my short term memory back, and trying not to be scared that at any moment my symptoms are going to explode.

  4. Please tell why her name is "Basket", because I'm about to go to go off on something that will rather bastardize her name. Sorry! My freakazoidness, not yours.

  5. @LM - Her name is indirectly a result of the seizure meds effects. We were looking at the adoptable pets online and one kitty was named "Bastet" who is the Egyptian goddess of love. But I read it as Basket, and squealed "what a cute name for a cat!" And it stuck.

  6. You know, of course, of my tendency to mangle words/names. To me, she is already Bucket. Sorry if that offends! I "get" Bastet, as I have spent much time there (Egypt) and have some such decorator items. To me, she shall remain "Bucket". BTW, to put it in perspective, my own (only) child is named Amber Sky, and I have innumerable twists on that to which she responds, my babe. It's not denigrating, but loving.

  7. @LM - "Bucket" works. When she had to stay overnight at the shelter to get spayed before we could pick her up, I was already calling her "Blanket".

  8. CC, I thank you and Bas/Buc//Blank for letting me be fanciful! god bless the god who invented cats.

  9. Hey, Love Bucket, how you doin' today? VW and Bogie send their regards and a small Ziploc bag of Iams in greetings.

    WV - apestsat. Hope Bucket has one!