Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April!! Thanks for that.

It felt weird to not be posting daily Items of Gratitude.  I know it's only been a few days, but it seemed longer. 
I had a fun week.  I got slices of pizza for lunch *twice*.  Both times with friends.  The first time with a group of the Good Apples from my old job.  Sooo nice to see them.  The second slice was with a girlfriend who also works on campus.
We were invited over to dinner this week as well.  Delicious, authentic fish and shrimp tacos.  And an introduction to the newly available in Colorado "Blue Bell" ice cream, with Nutella and crushed up cookies.  And last night, over for the pastry-chef's "Chocolate Dream Cake".  This was a chocolate cake, with mousse filling, in a chocolate cookie crumb crust, that she dreamt about, and then created.  Hooray for dream cakes!  And hooray for leftovers of this in my fridge.
I lifted weights again this week as well.  It had been awhile, because I was taking a dance class that somehow threw off my workout routine.  It was an intense dance class!  I lifted on Wednesday.  My body has been making it fairly clear to me that it was not pleased with this decision.  "Oh, you didn't think you had a muscle there?  Well, you do.  And it hurts, and it's going to ache whenever you move.  And how about this muscle here?  This one is going to hurt even if you just sit there.  Don't even think about trying to rub it because it's going to feel like you got punched there.  And yeah, you're being punished." (That's my body talking to me).
So this morning, 48 hours after this really wussy weight lifting session that still managed to leave me damaged, I decided I'm going to punish back and trot out for 3 miles.  Take that"Oh hell no, this isn't going to work for you at all.  All those muscles in your legs that serve only to move your body forward?  Well, those are going to be weak and wobbly.  And all the other ones that just seem to jiggle with your momentum?  Yeah, that jiggling is going to hurt."  Oooooof.  Jog jog wince jog ow jog....and then endorphins.  Thanks endorphins.  It's all good til I stop.  Then..."REVENGE!!!!  What were you thinking???? You suck. Prepare to suffer the rest of the day.  And now your back hurts too, way to slack off on buying new running shoes.  Jerk." I am thankful for: inner dialogues, Tylenol, that it's Friday, that I know my body is just talking sassy but that it actually appreciates the efforts, and that it's Friday.  And that I have new running shoes on their way to me in the mail.  And that I get to eat more of that Dream Cake tonight.  And that I have two new blog followers that hopefully enjoy my stories.  And that I have good friends to eat pizza with!  And good friends to eat fish tacos and dessert with.  But my ass is still sore.  Good lord.
And that my cat seems to like Disney Princess movies.  She's so damn cute.


  1. i'm in deep, deep envy for that dream cake. more than usual, since i decided to give up sugar. so i'm thankful that i can enjoy it vicariously through you!
    i'm also grateful that my ass doesn't hurt.

  2. Ha! I'm with Rraine re: the vicarious nature of this. I might expand upon it. You get to eat all the good stuff AND do the exercise ~ works for me! Just reading it can't cause me any lasting harm, right.

    I am grateful that my second trip yesterday to *that place* did not cause me to enter the drive-thru again. ;~}

    WV-I swear to god!- "Amber"

  3. The mention of pizza is what got my mouth watering.

    That cat DOES seem interested. Amazing.

  4. @rraine - the dream cake is pretty fantastic. I will be grateful when my ass stops hurting. Or perhaps instead, as it stays where I want it to stay, I will continue to be grateful for that.

    @LM - I will happily continue to share whenever something I eat makes me happy.

    @KJ - The pizzas were really good. I'm a huge pizza fan. And the cat is totally fascinated by the Disney princesses, the rear view doesn't show how intensely she was watching!