Sunday, April 24, 2011

No. 41

Alright, so although these topics may seem inane and superficial, I'm going to try and tie them into mindfulness and gratitude anyway.
First, I've been into getting manicures lately.  It was a luxury I couldn't really indulge in with my previous job, as not only were long nails not allowed in my profession, they would've been ruined within days.  So on a whim, I went to the salon where I've gotten many pedicures and asked for a manicure.  Husband had requested "those French tips" (it actually still baffles me that he knew what those were), so that is what I requested.  The manicurist suggested I try the "gel" polish, since it was new and would last longer.  I'm convinced, sure, what the hell.  Gel it up.
And honestly, I didn't really realize how nice manicures are.  Or that I apparently have really nice natural nails.  The few times I've gone, the other women in the salon have commented on them, and the manicurists there just rave about them.  Actually, there have been several similar conversations that were a bit strange to me: "are those yours?" (in reference to my nails), which gave me pause "whose else would they be, seriously?" and to which the manicurist replied, almost proudly, "yes, those are her real nails".  Which is received with something like awe, and nods of approval.  So, I guess my "real" nails are a bit of a rarity in salons where most are acrylic. 
So, one day when I was just buzzing with nervous tension and restlessness, I went in after work for a manicure.  I struggled with it for awhile, because they are expensive and I didn't really need one for another few days, but I just wanted to indulge myself.  And it was lovely.  I was pampered and complimented for over an hour.  I was called "honey", all my fingerly flaws were tended to (some polish chips, cleaned up cuticles, nails reshaped, etc.), and I left after a nice hand and forearm massage with beautiful nails and higher spirits, and less of that "bleck" feeling.  I was thankful for that, and mindful of the pampering and self-care I had allowed myself.
And one more thing: I'd like to give a "shout out" to Tylenol PM.  I sort of feel like it's a bit magical.  I don't know if it's because when I take it, I can sleep forever, or if it has anything to do with the "PM" part (which is an anti-histamine; Benadryl), but the mornings after I take it, I wake up feeling almost healed.  As if, during the night, the anti-histamine has gone into my body, sought out and healed all the inflamed and irritated parts, and let me sleep for ten hours to wake up restored.  It's like a magic bean, coated in EZ swallow blue. 


  1. One vote for "if you enjoy it and it makes you feel better, then DO it". You are lucky with your beautiful nails! I have grubby little potato-picker hands in every way. Saran wrap nails, bent fingers, short, stubby mitts. It's OK. I have nice hair. ;~} I got the acrylics for your wedding - the only time I've done it. It was way too much trouble for the lifestyle I lead.

    Hmmm. . . TyPM. I'm not trying it, but thank you. There are some AA purists who claim if one uses regular Listerine or prescribed medications they are not true AAs. I'm not that stiff, but I probably don't need to go sampling new kinds of meds.

    WV-brust. Spring is brusting out all over!

  2. i've only had 2 manicures in my life, for both of my sisters' weddings. i got the same response: nail accolades! seems good nails run in my family. unlike leslie, i got wretched hair. oh well, so it goes.
    as for tylenolpm? it turns me into a complete idiot for about 2 days. for some reason, it takes forever to get out of my system. i do sleep, though. if i could stand zombie-ing around, i'd take it every night!

  3. @LM - I did enjoy it and it helped me feel better. Another vote!
    @rraine - The Tylenol PM does that to me too, it's the only time I'm ever able to sleep in past 7. And then I wake up in sort of a stupor-zombie state in which I enjoy my coffee.
    @KJ - Advil gives me heartburn. :-*