Saturday, January 1, 2011

My year in 2010 (Blog 18)

I found it interesting that there is so much data available to me about what I did in 2010.  Facebook kept track of all my status updates (as seen above). allows me to search all workouts I entered.  Google (as I discovered on accident one night) has saved every single search I have done since 2008.  It's like the creepiest diary ever, that I didn't even realize I was keeping.

Data provided by
Total workouts entered in 2010 = 205; 46,380 calories burned
79 runs, for a total distance of 214.04 miles; 20,439 calories burned
86 weight workouts; 13,144 calories burned
20 bike rides, 457.74 miles; 8,484 calories burned
1 hike, 4 "activities" (roller skating)
15 walks (all on vacations)

Google history: extensive.  I don't know if you've ever looked at yours, but it's weirdly fascinating/horrifyingly personal.  Mine is probably about a quarter address entries looking for directions to all the places I had to go for work.  The other quarter is food-related searches (recipes, restaurants, etc.), and the rest were attempts to find medical information related to why I was going numb.  The food related searches bring back fun memories -

January 22, 11:09am "tastykake".  Mmm. 
February 11, 3:03pm "bacon chocolate"
May 26, 8:18pm "apple flip little debbie"
June 29, 2:46pm "denver cupcake truck"
July 13, 3:49pm "gigi's cupcakes denver"
August 7, 4:48pm "in n out burger"
August 17, 9:53am "gin and juice"
September 2, 8:52am "how to make a layer cake"
September 27, 8:38pm "extra virgin coconut oil"
October 2, 4:09pm "campbells hamburger pie"
December 18, 7:01pm "pig n pancake"
December 28, 5:25pm "how to microwave a sweet potato"
December 30, 12:59pm "strawberry salad dressing"

The other searches just bring back memories on how desperately I was trying to find what was wrong with me.  "lupus", "lyme disease", "diabetes", "hypothyroidism", "lumbar puncture", "spinal headache", "piriformis syndrome", "ulnar nerve entrapment", etc.  And some searches for how to write resumes and cover letters, and research on the physicians I now work for.  Interesting, really, what I googled all year.'s to the end of an incredibly challenging year, and the beginning of a brand new one. 1-1-11.  Cheers!


  1. randomness:
    amen to the end of 2010! it did bring me some amazing developments, though.
    tastykakes! i grew up on them.
    did you ever figure out the numbness?
    010111-ready or not, here we come.

  2. I never did get to try a tastykake. Apparently they are not sold in Colorado, or at least not that I could find.
    Numbness remains a mystery. Neurologist's best guess was virus gone rogue; infecting my nervous system and bogging down my immune system.