Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Blog-versary to us!

In honor of our upcoming 5-year anniversary tomorrow, I will give my Husband the gift of words, and not wood, as is apparently the traditional gift.  Which is kind of lame. 
Top 5 favorite (most easily remembered) moments (in order of occurrence) so far:
1)      There was one kiss, in my apartment on Downing, up against the fridge, that stopped my heart.  Actually, our first kiss, drunk in the bar, almost made me faint, but that was maybe partially due to blood alcohol content.
2)      When we were walking down the Strip in Vegas, a car pulled out of an alleyway and almost ran me over.  Like, literally almost ran me over.  My mild and even-tempered husband slammed his hands down on the hood of this car, and gave the driver a “want a piece of this??” look.  I swooned.
3)      When he saved me from a spider with incredible ninja-like skills.  We both saw it at the same time: eyes locked onto this mouse-sized creature running across the wall.  Before I could react, Husband is off the couch, shoe off and in one hand, slapping the hell out of it in one swift/deft movement.  Spider is only stunned, and runs beneath the TV cabinet.  I’m standing on the couch like a little girl, probably squealing with giant scared eyes.  Husband is on the hunt, spider is terminated.  Safe!
4)      When he came back to the hospital to be with me for my blood patch (fix-a-flat) procedure.  He dropped me off, went to work, took care of business, and came back to be there for me.
5)      When I was telling friends the story of my spinal headache and ordeals one time over dinner and then felt self-conscious talking so much about it that I dismissed how bad it really was and started to change the subject.  Husband validated the seriousness of the headache by saying it was more than just a headache.  It was my brain sinking in my skull without enough spinal fluid.  It was real, and it was bad.
So maybe there are some things we take for granted (like cerebral spinal fluid, for example) until there’s some moment that puts it all into perspective, and reminds you how meaningful it all is. 
That’s better than wood, any day.

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  1. happy anniversary to the both of you!
    keep watching for those moments-they're everywhen.