Tuesday, June 7, 2011

47, and I can do it!

So, item "Complete bike/run portion of the tri" has been completed.  I got up Saturday morning, had Husband check the tire pressure on my bike, laid out my running shorts, socks, and shoes, and took off on my bike. There has been some fires in the area lately, leaving a strange haze in the air.  The light of the morning sun coming through this haze was unlike a sunlight I had seen in Colorado in awhile.  It almost seemed...beachy.  Like the sun was shining through smog and humidity in California, instead of shining through ash and smoke of fires in Colorado.
Anyway, I ended up going 12.47 miles (at a reasonable place to turn around on the trail).  I got back home, ran inside, changed my bottom half attire, and headed out on the run.  And it felt...weird. Like, my legs were heavy and not moving the way I wanted them too.  I felt all shuffly and wonky, and slow.  But, I plugged along, wishing I had both thought to eat something before I left on the bike ride, and stopped to pee before the run.  Notes to Self.  I ran 3.1 miles.  And you know, I felt OK.  I didn't feel, like, normal or anything, but it felt fine.  I can at least do that much!!
That night I used the most fabulous vibrating hand-held back massager on earth for the entire 20 minutes it will run before shutting itself off to prevent overheating.  Add some Tylenol PM, nearly 11 hours of sleep, and Sunday I felt pretty damn self-satisfied.
I met a friend for lunch and some shopping, and we ended up going downtown to see the Street Chalk Art festival.  Wow wow wow!  
After walking around in the afternoon (pretending to be beachy) haze, looking at this art on the street, we found dinner on a patio, and found life to be...just very enjoyable.  :o)

I have done a little google research on bike/run transitions.  Apparently, what I experienced is completely normal.  The article I read had some suggestions on what to do on the bike towards the end of the ride to help ease into running without freaking your body out.  Some standing up in the saddle to pedal, some over-spinning in a small gear, and stretching your legs and back as much as you can.  Also preparing mentally from pedaling to running.  I can do that.  I'll try again next weekend.  I'll eat first, I'll transition physically and mentally on the last mile or so of my ride, and I'll wobble along another 5k run.  


  1. The artwork is wonderful. So what about the swim have you worked that in yet?

  2. Of COURSE you can do it. Sounds like you're off to a good start on training, using head and body. What part of you was most distressed that you needed the massaging and Tylenol PM, or just your entire body? Grand chalk art exhibit!

  3. @Tag - I haven't swam yet. I'll get to it by this Sunday. I'm definitely dragging my feet, I looked for a swimsuit briefly on Saturday but will look again soon.
    @LM - I wouldn't say I was more distressed than usual, but the massager just felt really good. My back tends to get a little tweaked which throws off the rest of my body. The chalk art was really amazing!

  4. well, duh, who didn't know you could do that? :) now go get your ass wet. and the rest of you.
    that chalk art is amazing!

  5. @rraine - Thanks! I'm deciding what I'll do this weekend. Saturday morning the triathlon is presenting a little lecture nearby my house, which I should probably go to. Then maybe I'll go swimming afterwards.