Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Blog #14

This week I started my new job as "Professional Research Assistant" at the University of Colorado.  Still not actually clear if I work for the School of Medicine, the University Health Sciences Center, or the Hospital.  If I had to guess, SOM.  ??
The campus is huge, modern (with the exception of the original Fitzsimmons Army base buildings), and strangely deserted.  With weird stone and metal giant sphere sculptures.  I work in the Leprino Office Building, which is funny because I have been in the Leprino cheese research and milk plant buildings in Denver and Fort Morgan.  I have stuck my hands in milk with rennin added, which feels like soft milky jello.  So everyday now, I will report to work in the building I affectionately refer to as "the cheese building".
I didn't get my computer set up until Friday, when I discovered Pandora IS indeed, blocked.  I <3 my Droid.  In fact, I spent way too long fashioning a make-shift little lanyard loop with some wire and hooked it to my neck ID badges and listened to Pandora most of the day while unpacking my stuff.  It's weird to see all my old things in a new space.  And it's all stuff people from previous jobs have either given me, or that I've kept as souvenirs.  So sentimental.  So comforting and painful at the same time.
Much like something that happened to me on my run Friday morning.  It was frigid cold, bleak, overcast, barren, frosty, and seemed like evening instead of dawn.  It just felt sad and empty.  Then on my way back home, a snowflake fell from the sky and gently *touched* my cheek.
As if to say, "Hey.  Even in this gray strange world, in a cold, unexpected place, something is here to reach out and touch you, to offer you peace and comfort."


  1. cheese building -does this make you the resident cheese whiz?
    there is always comfort to be found, if you're willing to let it in.

  2. Sometimes solace can be found in the darkest, coldest places.