Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eleven blogs dancing...

I got up a little earlier than usual this morning.  We have to give our cat this awful medication and it can take a little extra time.  That, and my garage door has been refusing to open.  So I set my alarm ahead 15 minutes to make sure I would have enough time to poison the cat and get access to my car without feeling rushed to get to work on time.
That said, I headed out for my run 15 minutes earlier than usual.  Funny how this time of year at that time of day everything changes so quickly.  I mean the sun rises later and later each day, now I think it's coming up after 7am.  So leaving at 6:50 before the dawn changed my whole sunrise experience.
It was a little overcast this morning, lots of high wispy clouds.  And they were all on fire.  When I left the house they were all intensely pink blending with more orange on the eastern horizon.  My route takes me west first, and on the western horizon was one of those UFO-shaped clouds.  The only white one in the sky.  The rest of the sky shifted from bright hot pink to a burning orange, then just flat gray at the moment I hit my marker and turn around to go back east.
Then with the sky all gray and just the tops of the trees lit up by the sun, I see it - the blazing yellow spot in the clouds when the sun came up over the horizon. 
And this all just happens without me having to do anything at all.  So then I started to think about all the things I used to think about when I was a little girl that would happen to me when I got older.  They were all events like, the day I could get my ears pierced or start shaving my legs.  Drinking coffee the first time.  My first kiss.  The day I got my first period.  The day I'd start driving.  The day I graduated high school.  My first day of college.  Graduating college.  Getting a full time job.  Falling in love.  Getting married.  I can actually distinctly remember all these events (except first day of college - hangover maybe?). 
Well, I can place check marks next to all those standard rites of passage.  And after that, besides having babies (no thanks), what are my next standard "firsts"?  And then the realization: Duh, I have to make them up. 
First half-marathon.  First new road bike.  First reckless car purchase.  First major career change.  First major career change back. what?  Stay crunchy.

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