Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A tisket, a tasket (this is my cat Basket). XLIII

I've really just been waiting for something to say before I blogged again.  I guess I don't have a whole lot, but here's a few things:

I had a fun bike ride last weekend on the first nice day (occurring on a weekend) in months.  Everything about it was ideal, except that the breakfast bar I brought with me to eat at my turnaround point somehow wormed it's way out of my bike fanny pack.  So no food for me, for 30.5 miles.  But it was fine.  And my smashburger that night was delicious!

Also, my cat has returned to spending time on my lap.  Usually only in the mornings, but occasionally in the evenings.  Mostly when she's picked up and placed on my lap, and coerced into staying there with attentive ass-scratching.  Look at that face.  And that belly!
And, we had a great time renting kayaks and paddling around Cherry Creek Reservoir with some friends.  Husband wanted to explore a new hobby, and invited us all to join him.  Besides the swarm of bugs that followed us around the lake, and the blister I got between my thumb and forefinger (which I have been made aware is both barely noticeable and not dramatic in this picture), it was a fun experience.

And finally, I am keeping fingers crossed and holding breath that maybe, maybe, my nerve thing is on it's way out.  Not gone, still get little reminders here and there, but I am definitely spending less time thinking about it, and that must be because I am less aware of it.  And, I'm off the seizure meds altogether.  My sleep sucks, but it's all an adjustment, right? 
So, I am hoping to plan a "Whatever Was Wrong With Me, It's Gone Now" party very soon.  And with any luck, my hair will look fabulous.


  1. Smashburger rules!

    I was eyeballing that cat, Bucket. Though I am a woman a little narrower on the top than at the bottom, it was pointed out to me I should be grateful not to be a woman cat where such things are exaggerated.

    You're a sport to try kayaking. I'd have been pleased to have read a book and wait on the shore for the others.

    WV-fords. Like regrets, I've had a few.

  2. The cat looks almost illegally content with itself! Kayaking sounds really fun, but I'm not a big fan of bugs (I've forgotten how buggy Colorado can be!).

  3. @LM - smasburger *does* rule. And we can't look at those pictures of Bucket without laughing. What a little ham.

    @OKaTB - The only thing not bad about the bugs was that they weren't biters. I'd have lost it and jumped in the frigid (55 degree) nasty opaque turbid greasy lake water if they were biting me.

  4. nice leg,
    nice cat,
    nice hand
    nice post, though I'm not sure ass is actually a swear word.

  5. @Tag, thanks! :o)
    I swear more in other posts...but good to know that "ass" is not particularly offensive.