Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Blog-day to me! (#23)

I turned 33 yesterday.  It has (and will continue to be) a really nice birthday experience so far.  Just so we are clear, my birthday is generally recognized as beginning the weekend before the week in which it actually occurs, and continues through the following weekend. 
So the weekend before, we were invited to a friend’s house for a dinner with my former co-workers (and now good friends).  I was promised a pirate party hat to wear, which I was pleased to receive.  The food was incredible, as was the company.  Really fun night.  I was even able to successfully execute some of my new dance moves learned in a hip hop class I’m taking.

On my birthday, my phone continually chimed throughout the day as people posted happy (and cake-filled) wishes to my Facebook page and sent me emails.  My Mom called and thanked me for being such an amazing, accomplished daughter.  My Dad has been sending similar praise.  I’m *glowing*.
For dinner, I made us reservations at a restaurant that I have been to with literally almost all of my friends, and poor Husband has not yet tried.  It’s as incredible to him as I’ve described.  We have sweet potato falafel, “Devils on Horseback” (date and goat cheese stuffed peppadews, wrapped in Serrano ham OMG), Hoisin duck confit sliders (as I told several friends: “the best Hoisin sauce and duck fat running down my fingers experience ever), banana crème brulee pie, and croissant bread pudding with a whiskey butter sauce and sour cream ice cream.  AMAZING. 
And to drink, I get the “Pearracuda” with jalapeño-infused agave nectar and Husband gets a “Ginger Mule”, like a ginger beer mojito. 
I checked us in at Root Down on Facebook.  And discover something interesting – three other people apparently have also checked in to Root Down while we were there.  Husband says, “check out their profiles”.  So I do, and start reading this guy’s status updates out loud cuz they were really funny.  Eg: “Watching Yanni on PBS.  Go ahead, challenge my ego”.  Turns out, it was the couple sitting next to us, who overheard me.  Hilarious (or sort of creepy for them).  Ah Facebook, endless amusement.
And then the flowers my mother-in-law had ordered were not delivered to our house yesterday since we weren’t home, were re-delivered to my office today.  Prompting many people to ask why I got flowers, and I am able to humbly/smugly say “it was my birthday yesterday" (read: and you guys didn’t even say anything).  And also enjoy their beauty and subtle fragrance.  Smells like self-satisfaction to me. :-)


  1. That old Badger stole what I was going to say, so I'll ring in with "Ahoy, Matey!"It was great e-mailing with you. Nice lid.

    WV = dines. What you did for your birthday.

  2. avast, me hearty, just the week? i take the whole month to celebrate!
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